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Robert Edward Eckels is an American author who wrote around 50 published short stories between 1969 and the mid-1980s. He specialized in short stories about con-men, spies and swindles, preferring to avoid the blood and gore of violent crime. His stories were published in popular magazines such as Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, along with several hard cover books in the US. Several of his stories appeared in magazines and TV shows in Europe and Japan.

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Never Trust a Partner

A series of short stories by Robert Edward Eckels

Never Trust a Partner book cover

"Extremely smooth and unusually entertaining" is how Ellery Queen described the short stories of Robert Edward Eckels. Swiftly paced, they range from taut tales of CIA agents to the delightful con man stories that were his specialty. Collected here for the first time are two complete series. Lang & Lovell are partners in art forgery, targeting the rich and arrogant, and appear in 12 stories. Lovell is the “inside man” who can copy any painting by any artist, living or dead, and Lang is the “outside man” who knows how to line up and reel in a mark. The five devious exploits of Major Henry T. McDonlevy, the "world's greatest adjutant," feature a subtler sort of swindle. McDonlevy and his co-conspirator, Thomas James, insinuate themselves into the social lives of card players and gamblers, and end up surprising both them and the reader with a completely unexpected deception.

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